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Modern Interior Design

If we don't define ourselves, others will do it for us. In my life I have held many positions- art production assistant, childcare worker, baker, self-employed artist. Most of these have utilized an apron. Years ago while working 3 different positions, in transition from one to the next (while also juggling motherhood), I realized, for myself as much as others, I needed to define exactly what purpose my apron served. My Apron Is For The Studio was born.

What began as moving full time into fine art production, has morphed again as I have continued to embrace the more domestic skills I was taught as a child.  I am working to recontextualize them, not as a limiting occupation for women, but in a drive toward self-sufficiency and a more sustainable way of living. Creating handmade, durable goods that bring color and joy to your daily lives is the goal, whether for your walls, your work or play time.



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